Where are the hair salons near me?

Hair salons near me apparently don’t exist according to most web searches? Living in a new neighborhood in a totally new state I have had a few issues locating the businesses that I normally use to receive the services that I normally receive. Catch my drift? No groceries, no gym, no nothing. I took to the web to help me locate something that I could not live without even if I tried. A hair salon. With no immediate luck, I eventually ended up on a website that specialized in just hair salons near me. Check them out here.

How I was assisted in finding Hair Salons Near Me

Cool Hair StyleSimple. I searched my city and state and voila! A list of hair salons in my area. This was quite a relief as searches of other websites showed me salons miles upon miles away. As I skimmed through the list I found the perfect salon not even two blocks from my location. I would of never known they were there if it wasn’t for that site. I called them and booked an appointment immediately. This hair salon was way better than the salons that I am used to back in Chicago. I was immediately put to ease when I met my stylist as we already talked on the phone when I made the appointment. I was so satisfied with the end result I had to tell everyone I knew about the hair salons near me I found.

There are plenty of resources online dedicated to helping you find anything. For example yelp.com has millions of business listings for hair salons not to mention Yahoo Local but again neither one helped me find a hair salon near me by any means. So that’s it for me and this topic, I hope I help someone out there in the world wide web find that perfect hairdresser.

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